Fixed rate vs. variable rate

Author: Vijaya Patil |

Identifying whether a fixed or variable rate mortgage is best for you is an important decision. The truth is that no one can accurately forecast what the future holds in the financial markets 3 to 5 years from now. So assessing whether a fixed or variable rate mortgage product is best for you requires an understanding of your personal financial plan and ability to handle market fluctuations.

Fixed rates are based on the yield on Canadian government bonds and will not change during the term of your mortgage. This buffers you from increases in market interest rates and allows you to budget precisely for whatever term you select - from one to as many as 25 years.

Variable rate mortgages fluctuate with the market. Variable rates are essentially determined by institutional prime lending rates, which are influenced by the Bank of Canada's key interest rate. So you receive a discount or surcharge on prime based on what your lender is offering at any given time.

Specialty mortgages creatively combine the best of all worlds.

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